Registration information

1. Please prepare the following materials before submitting the registration application:

Contents of material Conditions of review
New business license A scanned copy of the original or a copy of the original with the official seal, within the validity period.
Power of attorney for administrator (click to download) Affix official seal ,signed by the handler

2. When submitting your registration application online, please fill in carefully according to the instructions , and check the uploaded information carefully to ensure the consistency of information.

3. After submit the registration, the platform will review it within 1 working day. If you want to check the status of the review, please login the platform and click on the menu "Enterprise Information Management - My Business Resume" on the left.

4. After the registration has been approved, login the platform and enter the workbench. Click "Enterprise Information Management--My Self-Recommended" on the left menu, find the buyer whom you intend to recommend yourself to, and submit the self-recommendation application to the buyer for review.

5. If your company has already registered and cannot submit the registration application again, you can directly download the power of attorney for administrators (item 2 in the material), fill in, sign and seal it , and then send it to

While creating the website account, I agree: abide by the terms and conditions of ouyeelbuy service(Please tick the box to agree the terms of service)